Welcome to Giellajohka

In the heart of Finnish Lapland lies a cozy, family-run holiday village. Giellajohka is located between Kaamanen and Karigasniemi villages, 60 km from the town of Inari. Surrounded by wilderness Giellajohka is a perfect place for viewing the Northern Lights and enjoying the tranquility of the Lappish nature. The river Kielajoki (Sámi: Giellajohka) flows right by the holiday village offering great chances for fishing, kayaking and winter activities.

Giellajohka offers accommodation and restaurant services throughout the year.


Open daily 9-21


If you cannot reach us by phone please try WhatsApp call.

Phone connections are poor at the moment.


Giellajohka's location has housed accommodation for more than six decades. The place has been known in the past i.e. as Kiellatupa, which was a small oasis for hikers and travelers located here between the wilderness areas of Muotkatunturi and Paistunturi. We, the current entrepreneurs, have been operating in Giellajohka since 2016 and we want to develop the services of this unique place in a versatile way, thinking about the surrounding environment.

We have built new ecological cottages in the Giellajohka area, whose wall-sized windows have a beautiful view directly of the Kielajoki River and the northern sky, where the northern lights play during the dark months. If you are looking for a quiet and high-quality accommodation in Kaamanen, Inari, Finnish Lapland, we can say with a good conscience that your vacation will not be wasted here. :)