• River Kielajoki offers great chances for trout and grayling fishing
  • Boat rental for lake Aksujärvi available from Giellajohka - trout, grayling, whitefish, pike, perch and many more
  • Lots of smaller lakes, ponds and other rivers
  • Fishing in Giellajohka requires licenses. For lakes and ponds you only need the Fisherie's Management Fee. For rivers, you will need Angling permit in addition to the Fisherie's Management Fee. These licences can be bought online.
  • Fishing licenses and guidance also available from Giellajohka


Head your Autumn and Winter hunting trips to Giellajohka! To our accommodation facilities you can bring your four-legged, furry hunting buddies without extra fee. After a long day on the hunt you can relax at our riverside sauna and have a tasty dish of game or fish in our restaurant. Spend the evening sitting on the Kota -teepee, going through the days twists and turns by the blazing campfire.

We will help you with transportations and processing of your catch if needed.

Giellajohka is located in the northern side of the permit-area 1608 Muotkatunturi. A limited amount of small game permits is sold for this area daily. This permit allows non-residents to hunt willow grouse, hare, small game and waterfowls (


Starting point for Kevo Nature Reserve's hiking trails in Sulaoja, 20 km from Giellajohka

  • 2 km easy, marked trail
  • 63 km marked Kevo trail from Sulaoja to Kenesjärvi, Utsjoki
  • 83 km marked round-trail Sulaoja-Guivvi-Sulaoja
  • Wilderness cabins, day-cabins and resting areas

Easy access to Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area from Giellajohka

  • Unmarked trails, only for experienced hikers
  • Wilderness cabins

Walking trails to forests and along the river from Giellajohka

Maps available from Giellajohka

We offer transportation to starting points and/or ending points of your hike with an additional fee

More information about hiking in Lapland:


Giellajohkan ympäristö tarjoaa mahtavia mahdollisuuksia tehdä lyhyitä tai vähän pidempiäkin päiväretkiä. Suoraan Giellajohkan pihasta lähtevien polkujen varrelta löytyy ainutlaatuista tunturimaisemaa, 500 vuotta vanhaa männikköä, kaunis erämaajoki sekä vanha erakon kammi. Tai jos haluat vielä enemmän mahdollisuuksia, lyhyen ajomatkan päästä löytyy lisää tarjontaa erityisesti tunturiretkille.

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