Winter activities in Giellajohka 2023-2024


Aurora Tour to a remote area away from all the light pollution?

You are already there! From our riverside Kota -teepee opens a direct view to the Northern sky. On a clear night, wait for the Northern Lights to appear while warming up around the fire. No fees, no hassle – just enjoy.



available December 1st – March 31st

Listen carefully to the driving instructions and be a real musher for once in your life! We’ll ready the sledges and start for a memorable husky ride through the wintry landscapes. After the ride, learn more about the huskies and take pictures with them. Safari includes thermal clothing, transportations and hot drinks. 

Duration: 2 – 3 h

175 € / person 1 h of husky driving, 210 € / person 2 h of husky driving

(children 4 - 12 years -30 %)


available January 1st – April 30th

The surroundings of Giellajohka offer a great opportunity for snowmobiling. Here it’s not just driving on the flat ice of a lake. You get to see great landscapes and interesting routes, of course under the safe guidance of our professional English speaking guide. Snowmobile safaris are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced sledders - we can plan a route according to your wishes and skill level.

We dare to promise that you won't find many snowmobile safaris in Finland with same landscapes. :)


During this safari we will introduce the world of snowmobiling for beginners. You will learn the basics of snowmobiling in the most beautiful wintry forests. Total duration is about 2 hours; including 30 min introduction and 1,5 hours of driving.

170 € / person driving alone, 120 € / person with a shared snowmobile. 


    If you are a serious rider or just seeking a full day snowmobile tour, dive into this winter wonderland adventure! Feel the thrill as you navigate through pristine snowy trails, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of ice and mountains. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned explorer, our guided safari promises a heart-pounding experience filled with adrenaline. Discover the hidden beauty of the Arctic, witness nature's frozen artistry, and create unforgettable memories as you glide through the snow-covered terrain. Join us on this extraordinary journey and let the magic of the snowmobiling captivate your senses.

    Soup lunch and hot drinks included.

    290 € / person driving alone, 230 € / person with a shared snowmobile.

    The driver needs a valid car driver's license. The price includes guiding, snowmobile rental, route permits and insurance for the snowmobile. Self-liability fee in a case of an accident is 900 € / snowmobile. Children under 18 are not allowed to participate our snowmobile safaris.


    Traditional reindeer ride by the river. As in old days in Sámiland, sit back, relax and enjoy the wintry view while a reindeer pulls the sleigh. After the ride, reward your reindeer with his favourite food and take pictures to share your memories!

    Duration: 1 h

    120 € / person (children 4 - 12 years -30 %)

    Thermal clothing included


    Your Skoltsámi guide Emma will take you to a sleigh ride with her antler-headed friends and a tour to her reindeer farm. By an open fire you will get warm drink, snack and see some traditional handicrafts. Learn about Sámi culture and the life cycle of reindeer. Test yourskills at throwing "Suopunki", the reindeer herder's lasso!

    Duration: 3 h

    190 € / person

    Please note that sleigh rides are available only during optimal snow conditions. REINDEER DAY -activity without the sleigh ride is 100 € / person

    Additional lunch in Laavu (reindeer soup, bread & hot juice) 20 € / person

    Thermal clothing included. Activity price for children 4 - 12 years -30 %.


    Participate in the daily reindeer feeding with Emma. You will learn new things about reindeer and get to see how is the life inside the reindeer fence.

    A great way to meet the reindeer quickly from a closer distance and get some fun pictures.

    Duration: 30 min

    30 € / person (children 4 - 12 years -30 %)


    Is pyrography a new thing to you? Great! Join this workshop with an open mind and you'll go home with a new skill and your own beautifully decorated traditional wooden cup - a "kuksa". This is a perfect art experience for small groups. And of course, you don't have to be an artist to join! 

    Pyrography is really easier than it sounds and looks. :)

    The price includes your own kuksa, the pyrography lesson and warm drinks.

    Duration: 2-3h

    130 € / person


    available December 1st – April 30th

    One of the best ways to explore Lapland's nature during winter! We are located in remote are with great fishing opportunities for grayling, perch, trout, pike and whitefish.

    The trip starts with a ride to a nearby wilderness lake. Our guides are highly passionate about ice fishing and they will share their best tips with you. If we get lucky our chef can prepare a dinner in our restaurant from the day's catch for you (ask separately).

    A campfire, hot drinks and snacks will be set up to keep us warm!

    Thermal clothing included

    Duration: 3 – 4 h

    140 € / person (children 4 - 12 years -30 %)


    Are you interested in hunting or do you happen to be a hunter yourself? Join a local hunter's journey to hunt grouse, rabbits and foxes in a beautiful winter landscape! Depending on the snow situation we will do the hunt either by foot, snowshoes or hunting skis.

    You will learn a lot about Lapland's nature, how to set up a campfire in the forest, Finnish hunting culture and local animals. No previous hunting experience needed!

    Thermal clothing and snacks + hot drinks by campfire included.

    135 € / person


    available October 1st – March 31th

    Our guides will check the latest weather forecasts and drive as far as needed to find clear skies! If the Northern Lights appear to us, we will help you to take the best pictures of the unforgettable moment.

    Duration: 3-4 h

    150 € / person (min. 2 persons)


    Available from December 1st to April 30th

    Are you ready for an adventure with snowshoes to the fells? We will hike to the top of the wonderful Ailigas fell, from where you can see wonderful landscapes of Paistunturi, Muotkatunturi and the our neighboring country’s Norway’s wilderness areas of our. When the weather is clear, the views stretch hundreds of kilometers to the horizon.

    The hike involves quite a lot of climbing and requires at least moderate physical fitness. Of course, we will proceed calmly according to your wishes. There is never a rush on these hikes. :)

    If you wish, we can also visit the reindeer separation fence located at the bottom of the Ailigas fell.

    The trip lasts the whole day and includes equipment rental, field lunch and hot drinks.

    180 € / person


    available December 1st – April 30th

    On this trip we will head for a shorter snowshoe hike to the snowy forest. The snowshoes allow us to walk on the untouched snow and explore the amazing nature as close as possible.

    It's a relaxed walk and a great way to get known with snowshoeing.

    Duration: 2 h

    70 € / person (children 4 - 12 years -30 %)


    available December 1st – April 30th

    Learn the basics steps of traditional cross-country skiing with the Giellajohka crew! After the lesson, you will be ready to head to the wilderness tracks by yourself!

    Duration: 1 h

    60 € / person


    Forest skis, cross-country skis, snowshoes & sleds for rent! Free rental for Giellajohka guests.

    Ice Fishing equipment rental.

    Full winter gear (overall suit, winter boots, hat and gloves if needed)

    15 € / day, 60 € / week